We take a first hand look at the new Fox Transfer dropper post that we had just gotten for a new bike project and this thing looks sweet!

Alright, we’re unboxing the new Fox Transfer dropper post today.

Ok, first off, there isn’t much in the box itself except for the transfer post itself and a manual. Fox ships these out individually without the dropper remote, and you have to buy your own remote separately. We’re not sure at this moment if dropper remotes from other brands are compatible, but since this is a cable actuated post, I personally don’t see why they shouldn’t work. You probably need a little bit of tweaking but let’s leave that for another discussion.

There’s actually 2 models available in the market today, a Factory Series with a Kashima coated upper post and a Performance Series with a black anodized upper post. Overall, the post looks really well built and it’s really nice. What I have is a 5 inch drop in a 31.6mm seat tube diameter. The headclamp looks very similar to a Thomson 2 bolt clamp head. We also got the remote lever kit (at 2:07 min in the video).

Update: We’ve since installed the Fox Transfer post on our steel Ragley BigWig and so far, it’s working much more than we expected. The actuation felt really smooth and the remote felt really light whenever we needed to drop or raise it up. It only took 30 mins into my first ride to be totally and instantly impressed with the light and highly controllable release from the cable remote.

I’ve been really happy with it so far, and this will probably stay on the bike for a long term test.

P/s: Ragley Bigwig’s on plus tyres are such a blast to ride! I built mine up on Schwalbe’s Nobby Nics in 2.8″ with Shimano XTR Trail M9020 wheels.


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