It was a fresh and glorious Saturday morning, and you were gleefully riding on a high of O2 in Bee Tee, carving turns and popping off roots. It was a perfect day, with the sun in your face and the wind on your glistening skin. You approach another turn, one that you’ve ridden hundreds of times. As your front wheel leans into the rut, in sync with nature’s g-forces, it leashes out a roost of fresh dirt, and in an instant flash, you see a speck of tiny dirt… flying right into your eye. You start to panic and blink furiously, while completing the turn, and confused with your brains instruction to wipe your eye but hold on to the bars at the same time. A teardrop starts to form from the said furious blinks, as you skidded down and threw the bike,  frantically trying to pour drips of water from your camelback into your eye, and cursing at the damned hose…. #trustory.

That scenario above could have been avoided if I hard worn my riding eyewear that day 😀 With all the other protection that we wear during any given ride, I highly recommend that a nicely fitting eyewear should be part of your riding gear.

We’ve recently got our hands on a fresh new pair of eyewear from Shimano, and here’s what it looks like…

Shimano CE-S60X-PH Eyewear

The Shimano CE-S60X-PH are Shimano’s middle level X-Series eyewear for offroad riding. Offering enhanced airflow, protection, and adjustability, these glasses are suitable for any kind of trail riding. It comes in a really nice hardcase to safely store the glasses when you’re not wearing them.

Shimano CE-S60X-PH Eyewear 03

Inside the case, you’ll find the glasses and a soft carrier/wipe bag. The PH sticker that you see on the glasses stands for Photochromic, and yes, the lenses found on the Shimano S60X are photochromic lenses that changes in colour or shade when exposed to light of a particular frequency or intensity. We couldn’t visually see the photochromic lens in action and the tint that the photochromic seems to be very light and minor. Even though we couldn’t visually see the lenses turning dark in bright sunlight, it was good to know, that the lenses provide total UV400 protection.

Shimano CE-S60X-PH Eyewear 04

The unique venting design on the lenses looks really good too. The curvy upwards swoop from the air vents helps with airflow during hot days as it tries to clear up lens fog. Even thought the S60X already has a special Anti-fog treatment, we’ve found that the lenses still do fog up due to our humidity during our tests in Bukit Timah and Kent Ridge, and it specifically happens when you stop. As long as you keep moving on your bike, the vents do help, and the fog clears up in a couple of seconds. The best way to prevent fogged up lenses is to use anti-fog spray (available at most optical stores) and simply just your spit 😀 Simply spit on the lenses, wipe it all over the lens, and rinse it off with water. It works and it’s free.

Shimano CE-S60X-PH Eyewear 07

The overall coverage and fit that the user gets from the Shimano S60X is very good as well, and it fits our tester’s face nicely. The lightweight modern lines and large frame enables your vitals to be safely covered, and not blocking your peripheral vision. This of course, varies from user to user. During our own rides, our viewing angles were totally unobstructed and free from annoying side frames. The main frame can also be tilted up or down 16 degrees on the hinges. This allows full customization to fit any face/nosebridge combo to get the best fit on your temple tips. This was the most unique and useful feature on the Shimano S60X and we love it!

Our verdict: The Shimano S60X riding glasses is a very good option to consider if you’re in the market for safety riding glasses. It’s strong, it’s light and most importantly, it does it’s job.


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