Rockshox released the Lyrik in 2016 as an major update to their huge line of performance forks and for those who’ve ridden long enough, you’ll remember the earlier Lyriks which was essentially bombproof in their own right. Prior to the launch of Lyrik, the Rockshox Pike was the defacto standard in where all enduro forks are compared to, and make no mistake about it, the Lyrik is the Pike’s bigger, badder brother.

The 35mm stanchions in “Fast Black” proved to be mass approved, and even though both Pike and Lyrik only comes in 15mm maxles, we have yet to hear any complaints about it. There’s very little visual difference if you compare the Pike and Lyrik side by side, and we think that’s a great thing. We love the stealth look of the Pike, and we’re glad that the Lyrik was in the same shade. Available in 2 flavours, the RCT3 (with Charger Damper) and RC, the new Lyrik is also available in 2 wheel sizes (27.5″ and 29″) and 4 different travel options, which are 150 (29″ only)/160/170/180mm. Here’s a couple more info on the RCT3 Solo Air version;

Travel: 160/170/180mm – 27.5″ , 150/160/170/180mm – 29″
Wheels: 27.5″, 29″
Axle to Crown: 572mm – 27.5″/180mm travel, 571mm – 29″/160mm travel
Weight: 2005g – 27.5″ , 2032g – 29″/27.5″+
Damping: Charger Damper (RCT3)
Available Springs: Dual Position Air, Solo Air
Adjustments: External rebound, low speed compression, 3-position compression (Open/Pedal/Lock)
Steerer Options: Tapered aluminum
Upper Tubes: 35mm tapered wall aluminum, Fast Black
Options: BOOST™ 110 compatible option in 27.5″ and 29″/27.5″+
Color Options: Diffusion Black, Gloss Black, White

Rockshox Lyrik Solo Air 170mm

Lyrik on the left and the old Pike on the right. Steerer tube cut to perfection.

The Build:

Our go-to rig (Which is the Transition Patrol, read our review of the Patrol here) was previously fitted with the Rockshox Pike RCT3 Solo Air in 160mm and we’ve been having a blast on that awesome piece of squish. Swapping out the forks was a relatively straight-forward affair where we only needed to cut the steerer tube to our own preferred length. Instead of a hacksaw, we used a regular pipe-cutter to keep the cut line straight and we took our time to prevent unwanted burrs from forming at the end of the cut. Always, always measure twice, cos if you accidentally cut it too short, you’re basically screwed.

Out of the box, the Lyrik came with all the documentation, a shock pump, spare seals and 2 spare bottom-out tokens, and a set of stealth black replacement stickers, which was awesome. Originally from the factory, the Lyrik is fitted with white decals (see the photo above) and we wasted no time in stripping that off and applying the stealth black ones.

Our version was the RCT3 Solo Air, – with three position lock out, low speed compression and improved SKF seals and once it’s on the bike, we used the same number of clicks for rebound and compression as our previous Pike, and the same psi for the air chamber, and she’s ready to roll. There’s also an air pressure reference guide located on the left leg for easy reference if you’re unsure.

Rockshox Lyrik Solo Air 170mm

The arc that connects the 2 lower legs are 3.5mm thicker than the Pike’s. Both the Pike and the Lyrik share the same 35mm stanchion diameter, but thicker tubing is used for the Lyrik to add additional stiffness.

First Impressions

Out in the trail, we noticed that the feel was close to the Pike, but it’s initital stroke was so plush that we had to double check the psi in the fork. We found out later that in order to create a more supple initial stroke, RockShox increased the negative air spring volume, which resulted in it’s ultra-nice super plush feel.

We took it first to Chestnut for a nice and easy spin to break-in the fork’s initial seals and to get the fork oil flowing through after being in a box for so long, and omg, the fork’s plush feel immediately won me over. After spinning around Chestnut’s relatively mild trail, I made my way (slowly, cos I was tired, cos I usually pedal from Jurong to the trailhead to ride) to grand old Beetee (thats’ actually SingaporeMTB speak for Bukit Timah) to get a good feel of these bad boys. I’m actually a heavy dude, weighing around 90kg fully kitted, and I’ve never had any issue’s the old Pike’s stiffness, but the solid feel of the Lyrik was a much more noticeable on the rougher sections in Beetee.

While the fork was indeed stiff, it’s supple initial stroke and the balanced mid-stroke was something out of a blue film wet dream. There wasn’t any harshness felt when descending through the rock gardens nor did I felt any arm-pump after sessioning the drops a couple of times. We also realised that it takes much less effort the move the fork and rolling fast over some small roots was sheer pleasure. The Lyrik’s small bump sensitivity was a huge difference from my old Pike’s and it had me grinning silly over and over again.

Rockshox Lyrik Solo Air 170mm

On the mid-stroke, if felt impressively supportive. It stayed up in mid travel when you need to without feeling soft at all. I remember using another fork from another brand where I had to constantly faff around with air pressure trying to keep mid-stroke support, especially for a heavier dude like myself, and I failed miserably with that fork. Both the Pike and especially the Lyrik, was more welcoming in that area, and I was able run the right pressure and had both full-travel support for high speed impacts, and mid-travel support right out of the box.

Pushing the forks hard into corners is where it really shined for us. Going down on steep, bermed switchbacks at speed is where you’ll find the Lyrik’s strength. It felt more composed than the Pike and I was able to twitch to change my lines quickly with full confidence, even though I was manhandling the bike like an arm-wrestler who’s competing for a million dollars. The thicker arcs and extra material in the stanchions definitely added weight (about 190g heaver than the Pike) but the weight dissipated into fork-orgasmic bliss. There wasn’t any harsh bottoming-out and true to Rockshox’s recent legacy, it felt bottomless.

Rockshox Lyrik Solo Air 170mm

Do we like it?

Hell yea, we love it. The Rockshox Lyrik performed phenomenally right out of the box and after 2 solid months of abuse under a fat dude, these bad boys are still in pristine condition. I’ve yet to find any excuse to take them off for maintenance and I hope it stays that way for a long time. The Lyrik was built to meet the needs aggressive trail riders and enduro racers and if you ride bikes like you stole them, you’ll find yourself grinning wide and right at home. That being said, if you’re looking for an upgrade for your own enduro rig, we’d thoroughly recommend the Lyrik as one of the your main options, if not the only option.

The #Rockshox #Lyrik RCT3 (and many other Rockshox forks and kits) are available in Singapore at Treknology 3.


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