Do you ride with knee pads? Some people swear by it and others can’t be bothered with it. The pros and cons of riding with a set of knee pads is pretty much a no-brainer and with all the options available on the market today, knee pads are often times pretty much a hit and miss. Have a look at any online store today and you’ll see so many types of knee pads. There’s knee, knee/shin, hard, soft, sock type, and the unmissable “enduro” versions, and while having options is good for us riders, the sheer volume of styles, level of protection, and price is mind boggling. Can browse until go mangkuk one. For those lao jiao riders who’ve been riding for alot longer than others, you’ve probably figured out your favorite pair by now.

Ok anyway, I’ve recently purchased a pair of Nuke Proof Critical Armour Knee pads to replace a very old pair of Troy Lee Designs 5450 pads (worst pads ever) and I was very impressed with this set that I’ve decided to do a review.

Nuke Proof Critical Armour Knee-1

The first thing that struck me when I first saw the knee pads was it looked very similar to a pair of Six Six One Kyle Straits that I used to have. The Kyle Straits knee pads from a couple of years ago was a super comfortable pair that a lot of riders used to own and it was unfortunately discontinued. The only thing about the Kyle Straits was that it was a little bit bulky. Then again, a shirt is a shirt is a shirt, which is why good designs stay a lot longer than fluff and Nuke Proof’s knee pads are slightly slimmer, which is good.

Sizing wise, the pads are available from Small to Extra Large. Looking at the size chart from Nuke Proof, I’m supposed to be an XL but my experience with neoprene and how they stretch after while makes me think other wise. I decided and took a gamble by getting a pair in Large 😛 The first initial try was a really snug fit and it kinda sucked but after a few rides and a couple of washes, they now fit my knees like a soft pair of gloves.

Nuke Proof Critical Armour Knee-2

Perforated neoprene sleeves keep the weight of these pads down and helps with breath-ability. With a total of 8 individual pads, it should allow a wide range of protection around your knee. There’s also a hard plastic shell under the Kevlar outer to protect your patella (knee cap) when things get a little disco while you’re dancing with the roots in Butterfly.

Nuke Proof Critical Armour Knee-3

The back of the knee pads has an opening for ventilation and to avoid bunching up and rubbing your skin. It also has silicon grip strips at the top and bottom (inside the pads) to stop it from slipping and there’s 2 velcro straps to secure the pads in place.

Nuke Proof Critical Armour Knee-4

There’s also 3 color options to choose from and the only difference is the nuclear warning logo in white, black or yellow. The build quality from these pair looks solid and all the stitching looks like it can hold up for a long time. 

Nuke Proof Critical Armour Knee-5

I’ve been using the Nuke Proof Critical Armour pads for a while now and the comfort level of these pads are awesome. They stay in place where they should be and I didn’t feel any restrictions in movement while spinning away in Bee Tee. The hard plastic cup stays suspended on top of your patella and the 8 individual pads provide a further boost of confidence that your knees are well protected. All in all, they fit great, super comfy, gets the job done and it’s really well made.

The other awesome thing about these pads is the price. If you look hard enough online, you can really find some good deals and get a pair for about S$60. So if you’re looking for a fresh pair of knee pads to keep your knees safe until you become a lao jiao, the Nuke Proof Critical Armour is the best bang for your Yusof Ishak bills. No need to waste money 😀


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