All pumps are not created equal.

That is the most annoying thought that came to my mind when it comes to tyre inflation. I mean, for sure, they all do the same job and they are indispensible tools for any mountain biker or home mechanic. How different can pumps be anyway? They all have a same ‘components’ built to inflate a tyre in the easiest way possible. A handle, the air compression body. and valve heads for both presta and schrader vavles.

After years of riding, I discovered that a pump can mean the difference between going for a ride, and hammer-fisting your wheel because the valve head wont seal properly. It’s the small little details that either saves you from walking out from the trail with a flat, or continuing your epic adventure in Pulau Ubin. We agree that even the most shittiest pumps can fill up a tyre with air, but if you’re looking for something with quality, high performance and ease of use, read on.

Introducing the all new Pro Team HV floor pump and the Minipump Performance HV.

PRO Team HV Floor Pump

A proper sized floor pump


  • High performance floor pump with XL hose.
  • EZ doublehead for Schrader and Presta valves.
  • Oversized alloy barrel with precise pressure gauge.
  • Ergonomical handle: 2 different rubber-types provide safe and comfortable action.
  • Aluminium pedestal – light and stable with TRP Profile.

The most interesting feature about the pump is it’s unique valve head. We’ve never seen anything like it before and while it was confusing at first, we figured it out after 2 mins. We would’ve figured it out in 5 secs if we had read the card that was attached showing how to use the valve head. It features a unique snap on head that has no levers or clamps to securely attach the head to the valve. It simply snaps on. Watch the video below and see the new head in action.

Another interesting feature that it has is the hose. I know what you’re thinking, how can a hose be a feature? Well, in that case it can. It’s braided. It’s XL sized so it’s pretty long and you wouldn’t have any problems if you use a stand while you work on your bike. If you look closely in the video, my valve is kinda short and I’ve had trouble with some other brand pumps but the PRO Team HV had no issues with it.

PRO Team HV Floor Pump

Here’s the PRO Team HV Floor Pump’s unique head that features a schrader valve on one end and a presta on the other. The build quality is solid on this piece and we wouldn’t be worried dropping it on the floor.

PRO Team HV Floor Pump

The industrial quality gauge has clear PSI/Bar indicators and it’s very accurate during our tests.

PRO Team HV Floor Pump

The solid base has a rubber mat for you step on and keeps the pump stable.

PRO Team HV Floor Pump

The handle has an ergonomic shape that helps your grip. Covered with a rubberised material so you hands won’t slip. 

We’ve been using the pump on a couple of our tyres (we swap out tyres alot) and we’re happy to report that we could easily seat a tubeless tyre without much effort thank to it’s high volume oversized barrel. We’re quite happy with how the head works and was easy to use. With minimal moving parts, we’re expecting the awesome head to last us quite a while. It’s pretty light weight as well and we could see ourselves bringing along this pump if we’re ever joining a race again or during our road trips across the border. So if you’re out looking for a new floor pump or if you’re a home mechanic looking for quality tools, we highly recommend the PRO Team HV floor pump. Retailing at $93.20 and you can find it in most good bike shops around Singapore. 

Minipump Performance HV

We also got hold of the new Performance HV Minipump from PRO as well. Designed to be carried around in your trail pack or attached to your bike, the small little pump packs big features to save you from flats when you’re out in BeeTee.

Pro Minipump Performance HV


  • Durable yet light minipump made of aluminium.
  • HP – Hig Volume – recommended for mtb-tires.
  • Hose model: flexible hose eases pumping while valve damages can be prevented.
  • Hose is to be stored inside the pumps body.
  • Suitable for all valves.

Pro Minipump Performance HV

It’s small and sleek and won’t take up much room inside your pack. It comes with a mounting adapter that you can attach under your bottle cage to go full enduro. 

Pro Minipump Performance HV

The mimpump has a hose which you can pull out from the top and it fits both presta and schrader valves, and it pumps up to 7 bar (100 psi).

Pro Minipump Performance HV

Fully extended, the full barrel is longer than my hand and the knurled end helps with grip. We tried it out on a fully flat tyre and while it did take a while, it was easy to use and you wouldn’t have any problems airing up your wheel in the middle of the trail. For a minipump, we were pleasantly surprised at the rate of air going into our tyres. We didn’t count how many strokes it took, but it wasn’t too tiring and we could pump up enough air before we usually go !@#$%^&*.

Pro Minipump Performance HV

Attaching the minipump to our bike was a quick and easy job, and the plastic mount with the velcro strap was solid. It didn’t budge at all through the rock gardens in BeeTee and you’d hardly notice the pump there. There was no rattling to be heard and it stayed put quietly. We’re loving it’s stealth profile and muted colors and it blends in nicely. Riding without a pump can mean the difference between an awesome ride, or taking 2 hours to walk out from a trail. 

While we haven’t had the chance to use it in the trail, I’m happy to have an excellent pumping performance in a (fairly) small package all ready to use when the time comes. All in all the Pro Performance HV minipump is premium performance pump with a wallet friendly price tag, the build quality is good and most importantly it’ll pump your tyres up and save you from walking out from Track 15. The PRO Performance HV Minipump retails for SGD$38.80 and is available at all good bike shops. 


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