The Kent Ridge MTB trail is located along Pasir Panjang Rd off South Buona Vista Road and along Vigilante Drive. Kent Ridge MTB trail is a technically challenging 2km+ loop of singletrack and a separate flowy and fun Super D line. Maintained by the Ride Brothers community, the trail has seen numerous improvements over the years and it remains as one of the most challenging places to ride.  There have been several National XC & Downhill MTB race events held there, and it played host to the last Red Bull Dark Knights DH race in 2011.

The Super D line is super fun, and the only thing that might kill it is the steep climb up Vigilante Drive and back to the start of the trail. Other than that, we love this place!

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Regular trail days are also held over at Kent Ridge to battle the constant erosion and to maintain and build sustainable trails for all skill levels.

KR Trail Day from Mus Ismadi on Vimeo.


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