Videos or it never happened 😀

With the avalanche of high quality smartphones and POV (point-of-view) cameras, it has been easier for us MTB nuts to capture our crazy adventures when we’re out riding. A while back, we posted something awesome that Shimano has been working on and we were definitely stoked that we have another option for POV cameras.

We were over at the OCBC Cycle sports fair over the weekend when we saw it. They were displaying the new Shimano Sports Camera and yes, we molested that camera 😀 Our first impressions were generally good. The camera feels light, has numerous mounting options and the video quality shown on the iPad (see photo above) looks promising. 

Camera operation looks really simple with a thumbnail sized record button with the universal red dot symbol, and another “mode” and “wi-fi” option just on top of it. The camera is also waterproof without the need for any external cases too. However, the mic holes (just on top of the word “Shimano”) might have audio issues if dirt/loam/rain gets into it. We’re not sure at this moment and the only way we’ll know is to really test it out.

Overall, we were quite pleased with the demo video which was shown over wi-fi. The video images looks great even with the not-so-great spot lighting within the sports fair and we’re quite certain the video quality would be even better in a naturally lighted trail head.

Alas, during our time, we weren’t able to collect together any early proper sample videos, and we’re now itching to see how it all fares in the field.


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