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Let’s face it. Our suspension forks is one of the most critical parts on our bike that makes our ride so much fun. When tuned perfectly for the way you ride, these soft squishy moving parts are our first line of defence against sore wrists and that occasional unexpected trail stuff that causes face plants. While some forks require more maintenance than others, it’s always a good idea to keep them fresh as much as we can. Keeping your fork seals free from trail muck and other nasty stuff is vital for fork’s performance and service life. 

My traditional fork seal maintenance routine often includes a quick wash, a blast of WD40 to disperse water and moisture, and a drip of fork oil on my seals to keep them slippery. This may not be the best idea for anyone out there, but it works for me fine. For those of you who doesn’t have a pint of fork oil lying around, one great alternative is Wet Seal. 

Wet Seal is a silicone lubricant that’s perfectly safe for your fork stanchions and even for your dropper post seals. I accidentally dripped some on my fingers and this stuff is really slick and slippery. I’ve been using this lube instead of my fork oil for a while now and while technically they’re the same thing, this comes in a handy package if you don’t see yourself buying a whole bottle of fork oil. And please eh, using Wet Seal does not replace a proper fork maintenance job hor, but we highly recommend it for your fork seals.

One warning though, the cap on the bottle doesn’t seem to close tight and you might have some spillage if it’s lying down on it’s side.

Sticky Fingers Lever Covers 

These stuff is fun 🙂 It’s basically a silicone sleeve that slides on your brake levers to give you a little more grip and comfort when the weather gets wet. If you’re a gloveless rider, you’ll appreciate that little extra grip on your fingers when you pull your levers. 

I’m currently on Shimano XT’s and these fit perfectly fine. It’s a little bit hard to push them in but a little dishwashing soap might help you to slide it in and position them exactly where you want them to be. You can also trim them to your desired length. They come in a couple of loud colors if that’s your thing, and they also come in black.

Fork Cork 

Here’s another interesting product that I’ve been eyeing on for quite a while. It’s called the Fork Cork from Miles Wide Industries and the main reason I was eyeing it is cos I wanna seal up the hole underneath my steerer tube from dirt and water. It’s a pretty simple product where there’s no tool required to install and it’s pretty much self-explanatory. I was really looking forward to install this on my RockShox Lyrik, which also contains the battery for my XTR Di2 drivetrain.

But…. it didn’t fit. You read that right. It didn’t fit my Lyrik’s steerer. *scratch head*… Tried it on my RockShox Pike.. it didn’t fit too. *perplexed look*… I tried to read every single line on the packaging thinking that I might have missed reading some instruction but nope.. it should be straight forward ley.. I then tried it on my Fox Float 34 and it went in perfectly. Ahhh.. No wonder the packaging had Kashima coated stanchions. I was totally bummed out. lol..

The other end of the plug that expands when you tighten the knob.

A quick call to the distributor to explain my problem and it turned out to be true. The newer RockShox Pikes and Lyriks uses a thicker wall steerer tube and it’s internal diameter is thicker by just a few millimetres and the issue has been communicated to Miles Wide Industries. However, they do fit on the older Pikes with Charger 1 dampers. Oh well, if you’re running Fox forks on your sled, you should be able to use these but if you’re on RockShox and you’re unsure, give it a try before you purchase them. 


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