I’ve always loved Five Ten shoes. The grip is super duper phenomenal (and by super duper we mean “WALAUEH!” and “MAK COW!”) and the style is spot on. Some of the world fastest UCI racers like Steve Peat, Danny Hart, Troy Brosnan and a host of other superstars swear by them. I’ve owned a few models in the past like the Impacts, the 1st generation Freeriders, the Minaar (made specially for Greg Minaar), the Danny Mac edition, and my current Spitfires. All my previous ten’s have always awesomely surprised me the first time I take them out of the box. That tingly feeling and grin that you get while holding it in your hands as you take the first whiff of fresh new rubber is simply divine. And Five Ten has just managed to raise the bar all over again with the Freerider VXi.


The iconic box. Nothing fancy here and they’ve always used the same box. Five Ten in multiple languages. Sort of like Apple’s welcome installation screen 😀


The first whiff of fresh cardbox hits you as you open up the box.


Oh woww.. fuuhhh! My first reaction as I peeled the wrapper to unviel the rubber & leather that would keep me pinned to my pedals.


Picking it up, the weight of the shoe was the first to impress me. Even though it looked like it has more material than the previous Freerider, the new Freerider VXi felt lighter, if not as light! This is good.


One sole to rule them all. The famous Stealth Rubber is Five Ten’s very own secret formula. I was first taken aback when I saw the slick sole photos online, but I’m sure Five Ten has reasons for that. I’ll save that for that actual trail test.


As I bring it up to my nose to get that new shoe sniff (This is the ONLY time I get to do it. I know, I’m cool like dat) I noticed the finer details like the stitching and the carbon-esque look. Naaaiissseeee 😀


The front toebox is also wrapped in carbon-esque material.


The overall construction of the shoe is top notch as always. The new skate style look blends really well with the rest of the shoe design without adding any noticable bulk.


The iconic 5. Recognized by mountain bikers worldwide. And my daughter’s favourite number 😀


A new breatheable material covers the top front of the shoe. Touching it with my hands makes me think that this material looks like it’s water repellant. hmmmm…


The laces are pretty standard issues though. I like my shoes loud so I might be hunting for a pair of blue laces to pimp it up.


With the standard 6 eyelets, there’s more than enough shoelace to tie this baby up. The thickness of the tongue has also been reduced from what I can see.


The Freerider VXi uses the Stealth S1 Rubber. The ideal compound for hiking and mountain biking because it absorbs far more shock than traditional rubber outsoles. The high-friction rubber is also designed for durability.


So that’s it. A very very nice pair of new shoes unboxed and sniffed. So what’s our verdict? We proudly declare that these pair of riding shoes is LEGIT with a capital L, in bold, and a font size of 100px.

We’ll be doing a first ride with the Freerider Vxi very soon so stay tuned!

All Five Ten shoes are now available at Allsports Equipment at Paya Lebar! Give them a visit @
52 Ubi Ave 3, Frontier, #04-44
Singapore 408867
Tel: 65 6337 7728

While you’re at it, visit their facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/AllsportsEquipment and their website at http://www.allsports-equipment.com/



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A bike aficionado with a soft spot for cat videos. He's always on the hunt for new adventures and you can find him spinning on his granny gear around Bee Tee.


  1. Chief Mechanic
    Chief Mechanic on

    Another interesting to note, I have wide feet and I’ve always had issues with shoes that are too narrow. The Freerider VXi has enough room for me to wiggle my toes so that’s another plus point. Your feet will expand as it gets hotter and it’s not an issue with these shoes.

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