Ti-Spring playing cards

The guys from Ti-Springs.com came out with these awesome playing cards recently and we think they are a perfect gift for any mountain biker out there. It brings you back to simpler times when there was no internet (What?!?! There was no internet in the 80’s?!?) and playing or collecting trump cards was one of the best things to when you’re hanging out with your buds.

Ti-Spring playing cards

Made from full color plastic coated cards, it features the top 30 overall 2014 UCI Downhill Mountain Bike World Cup riders and 2 bonus Joker cards.

Ti-Spring playing cards

The next time you’re on a flight with your friends on a riding trip, be sure to have these to kill time on the plane and may the odds be ever in your favor 😀 As for me, I’m gonna try and get each and everyone of my cards signed 😀

Get the DH World Cup Trump cards from Ti-Springs.com here.


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