One of our buddies recently just spent a couple of $50 notes (110 pcs to be exact) and bought a bike without even testing it. Is he nuts? Maybe. But maybe, there’s more to it than just that. The reason he gave us it this. “Have you ever ‘tested’ a DH bike even when you’re buying it locally?” Hahahha.. He got me there. That’s the thing. How do you actually test a bike before buying it. A regular spin around a carpark (if you’re lucky enough to be able to even do that) yields nothing much. So yeah, for us locals, we don’t have much of a choice but to just swallow the pill, punch in our NETS 6-digit pin, and pray that the bike is gonna be fun. That’s the whole idea isn’t it? To just have fun riding a bike.


So that bring us to this article. The bike he bought? A Canyon. That is a name you seldom or even heard of. This hidden gem unicorn flew in with its sparkling wings from Germany, the land of BMWs and Breitling watches. And for countless generations, german engineering was always regarded as faultless, so that’s a good thing. Okay, so lets get back to the Canyon. The thing about Canyon Bikes is that they ONLY sell direct to their customers. Yup, they sell their bikes online. And nope, no chance of bleeding chickens of checking out their bikes at any LBS in Singapore.

The Torque FRX Flashzone is their top range spec’ed downhill rig. A murdered-out frame with electric blue accents, the frame has a few different set up options for you to choose from. Totally stock, the Flashzone is equipped with a 2013 Fox 40 RC2 Kashima, Mavic Deemax Ultimate wheelsets, Maxxis Minions DHF & DHR, a Cane Creek Double Barrel shock, a matching Sram XO rear dee in blue, Avid Code R brakes, and the E13 LG1+ crankset. The finishing kit is from Spank and SDG. The frame even has lots of internal cable routing options. All these and more weighing in at just 16.5kg! Bleeding chickens!*


Brought this baby out for a spin at the local trails recently and it flew with flying colors. Rock gardens, roots, ruts, pinning berms, jumps, fast downhill sections, drops and even pedaling on flats, this bike runs smooth and responsive. You will be ready to #BRRAAAPPP as soon as u take it out of the shipping box. Just attach the wheels, slap on the handlebars, saddle and pedals and you’re good to go!

He didn’t have to worry about setting up the bike at all because its already factory preset to his body and weight! At the point of purchase, they’ll note down all sorts of bodily dimensions from you. He messed up his initial measurements but they immediately notice the odd input and verified with him. That’s awesome service! The notoriously difficult to tune CCDB is nicely set up with the correct sag. If you’re a tweaker, the bike offers all sorts of adjustments to your heart’s content with multiple options for cable routing and shock travel adjustments.


So far, he’s very happy with the performance of the bike and he’s been grinning his way down Kent Ridge almost every weekend. He also told us he’s looking forward for a trip sometime soon where he can really appreciate a bike with that much travel. There’s very few Canyon Bikes around on our roads and in the trails at the moment and owning a unicorn Canyon will definitely turn a few heads. Try and spot it and say hi to Mus the next time you go riding. And a huge thank you to Mus for letting us write about his bike!

*No chickens were bleeding or harmed while writing this article.


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