We’ve recently received a special care package from Singapore’s distributor of Funn MTB products and it looks like the boys from Funn are certainly in the right direction. These awesome new components are looking really sweet and the price point on these well made parts are definitely in the right range too. Check out these 3 essential components if you’re thinking of upgrading your ride.

Funn Black Magik Pedals

There’s a lot that goes into making a really good pair, and we’ve gone through quite a bit in our own mis-adventures. What makes a pair of pedals good is basically how well they spin, and how long they’ll last. Another sticky point (pun intended) that we normally look at is how tall or how many pins is built into the pedals cos this affects your foot placement and overall grip. Our first impression of the Black Magic pedals are that they look and feel tough enough for some really hard riding even though it’s made from light fiber reinforced thermoplastic body.

The pedals measure in at a thin 17mm profile, which is just about right for a pair of flat pedals. They’re only available in stealth black, though optional colored pins are available for you to make your Black Magic pedals your own.

Designed for: DH / FR / AM
Body Material:  AL 6061 Forged
Axle system: Full catridge CrMo axle
Pedal Pin Colors: Red / Orange / Blue / Black / Grey / Green
Weight: 360g / pair

Funn Fatboy Supreme Handlebars

We also got the Funn Fatboy Supreme handlebars which came together with a very nice bag. The Fatboy Supremes are available in 31.8 and 35mm clamp diameters and out of the box bag, they are really wide. Measuring at a whopping 810mm, these bars are perfect for those who are looking for something ultra-wide. For those who prefer a shorter width, cut marks are available for you to get your desired width. Please don’t use a hacksaw if you wanna shorten them up. Instead, use a pipe-cutter and you’ll have smooth edges and an even cut.

According to Funn, the bars are made with a quintuple butting process that ensures a fine and homogeneous grain structure in the alloy that they use. The outcome is a light-weight and strong construction, with a hard anodized coat that makes the surface more robust. And we really dig that whiskey gold/copper look.Material: Proprietary tuned 7-Series alloy
Finish: Hard anodized
Clamp diameter: 31.8mm / 35mm
Width: 810mm / 785mm
Rise: 30mm / 18mm / 7mm
Upsweep: 4゜
Backsweep: 8 ゜
Color: Whiskey / Black
Weight: 285g (810mm / 35mm)

Funn Funnduro Stem

With a catchy name like the Funnduro, we’re taking bets that the new stem from Funn is targeted squarely at the enduro crowd. These sweet looking stems are CNC built from 6061 alloy and according to their website, they come in a final weight of 123g . It’s a standard 2/4 bolt feature thats commonly found on other stems so mounting these up should be quite a breeze. We got the 35mm length with the 35mm clamp and they look really rad. Visually, they look like they have a drop in the rise but rest assured that they are indeed zero-ed out in rise.

Design for: AM / XC
Material: AL6061 full CNC
Stack Height: 32mm
Steerer Clamp Diameter: 1-1/8″
Rise: 0°
Bar Clamp Diameter: 31.8mm     35mm
Length: 35mm/45mm/60mm
Colors: Red / Orange / Blue / Black / Gray
Weight: 110g/123g/148g

The build

If you’re familiar with installing parts on your own, the components from Funn shouldn’t pose too much of an issue if you’re planning a DIY build. However, be sure to torque the stem at the recommend torque values to prevent applying too much force and eventually run into problems later. If you’re unsure, get your favourite bike shop to install them for you.

We fixed up the stem, bars and pedals onto our Specialized Enduro 29er and the look really good. We especially love how the gold pins on the pedals pop out from the muted stealth thermoplastic body and how the short stem mated perfectly on the steerer. The overall build and design of the new components look really well thought out and without any unnecessary extras that you don’t really need. Happy with the build, we took it out for a hard ride around Bukit Timah to see how they feel as the main touchpoints for a bike.

First off, the bars were really wide. Too wide for me in fact. We didn’t cut the bars during the installation cos we’re pretty curious how 810mm of sweet aluminum would feel like. I usually commute to the trailhead and it was during the commute that I wished that I had trimmed it down instead. The maximum I would go is 800mm while a 780mm bar would be perfect for tighter trails like the one in Kent Ridge. One thing to note though, that handlebar widths are a personal thing. What may work for us may not necessarily work for you, and vice-versa. These ultra-wide widths would be awesome for really big guys out there, or for someone who’s looking for the ultimate control in sketchy situations.

And yes, we do realise that it’s only 10mm, but it is a big deal when you’re talking about finding the sweet spot for a proper fit. Cutting the bars to the right length was definitely the wiser move but in the name of fun and shenanigans, we did have a blast with the 810mm width.

The Funnduro stem did it’s duty diligently and silently. The 35mm felt at home on the bike and it didn’t miss a beat even though we can be hard on corners, drops and manhandling our bikes. You’ll be glad to know that there are positive benefits for going really short. A short stem helps to put your weight more to your rear wheel instead of hunching over your front wheel.

A proper sized bike with a short stem also helps by allowing you to lean back a bit further when you’re riding over steep sections of a trail. We’re not saying you won’t have a nasty faceplant if you were not careful, but having a shorter stem definitely helps. So borrow out a set from a friend if you can to see what it feels like, and if your unsure about going really short, the Funnduro is also available in 45mm and 60mm lengths.

These pedals are tough. We did strike a couple of rocks during the ride and all it did was bounce off and go. While the rock strikes did left some marks, the thermoplastic body looks like a sure winner for toughness in our books. Grip was excellent and we did have some allowance to move our feet while we’re on the pedals. Having 8 pins on each side definitely helped out in wet muddy areas, and even though our shoes were caked with mud, we didn’t find ourselves slipping off the pedals.

Overall, we’re quite happy with the latest offerings from Funn and all of these components are definitely a good choice for trail riding. The stem and bars looks and feels right at home on any trail or enduro bike, and while we were initially skeptical about the plastic pedals in a trail, the Black Magics proved us wrong. Even though they made of plastic, it has some great features that makes it a solid set. If you’re looking for something that won’t break your POSB savings account, check out some of the stuff from Funn, and you’ll be delightfully surprised.


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