Our bikes are dear to us, and for some of us, it’s an extension of who we are. Saving up every cent for that brand new frame, we often treat our bikes a whole lot better than we do ourselves. And we know how much it hurts when a piece of rock comes flying straight to your downtube, gorging a a nice scratch on your mint paint. We know it’s almost impossible to keep a mountain bike in showroom condition (unless you hang it and never ever let it see daylight) but protecting the most vital parts of your frame is essential in keeping it running good. And personally, we’ve tried most of the available off the shelf solutions like helicopter tapes, thick 3M sheets of adhesive vinyl, and even plain old stickers… none of those work when your bike is being shuttled in a truck with your downtube resting directly on the truck’s panel…

Not until recently, we’ve found something that looks really promising.

Our good friends at Singletrack showed us a brand new frameguard that’s currently not like anything available. These honeycomb patterned Frame Guards are an adhesive, semi-rigid PVC, in a honeycomb structure that provides high impact and abrasion resistance protection for mountain bike frames. They have an outstanding good ability to adapt to your bike frame curvature and allows repositioning while installing, thus facilitating installation.

AMS Frameguard

The AMS Frameguard comes in 4 different colors (Black, Clear, Fluro Yellow and Fluro Orange) and in 2 sizes;

  • A regular size that has protectors for the downtube, top tube and dots for cable rubs
  • An XL size that has protectors for the downtube, toptube, chainstays and seatstays.

Chromag-7 Chromag-8

The honeycomb pattern can be clearly seen in the photo above. We like how it feels and we think this would definitely work for some of us who are gnarly (or we think we are lol) and there is a thickness to the frameguards that we think offers much more protection.


Before you install the frameguards, we recommend to give your bike a good wash, and use an alcohol swab to clean the area where you plan to paste the frameguards.


Make sure that your bike is dry before you start, and we’ve found that installation was a breeze and a pretty straightforward affair. Once you’ve decided on where it should sit, It just sticks on with very little effort. It shapes up perfectly and there wasn’t any signs of peeling at the edges. We didn’t encounter any bubbling issues too. The adhesives are automotive grade so make sure you do it carefully and not rush into it.




We’ve only been using the AMS Frameguards for a couple of rides and we’ll definitely provide an update once we’ve put in more miles. In short, if your looking for some simple frame protection for your pride and joy, the All Mountain Style honeycomb protection will more than do the job. The colors available are fantastic, and the clear version is perfect for raw frames. Apart from the fantastic protection from chips and scratches that it provides, we think that it also improves the look of our frames!


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