About SingaporeMTB.com

Hello! And welcome to SingaporeMTB.com. I’m DJ, and I’ll be your host for today.

You might be surprised that this site is actually a one-man operation (and a couple of cool dudes who write every now and then) that’s purely done out of passion and love for the sport of Mountain Biking, and I’m dedicated to bring you all the info that you need to ride a mountain bike in Singapore and around the region. Following the N+1 mantra, I’m quite fond of new bikes and shiny new parts and I’ll give you my thoughts on the latest stuff that I can get my hands on so that you can buy with confidence.

Then again, I’m not obsessed with the latest gear, nor am I biased to a certain wheel size. What we are passionate about is riding. Just riding. We don’t care about the bike that you ride as along as it doesn’t have an engine and it’s ridden OFF-ROAD. We’ll bring you international bike news from time to time but our hearts and our minds are here, right in Singapore. So we’ll bring you the best of what our little island has to offer, and maybe a little bit of something across the causeway.

From Downhill to All Mountain and X-Country, we will work our asses off to bring you the latest MTB news, product reviews, MTB trails in Singapore, and race coverage throughout Singapore and our neighbouring countries.

Oh yeah, and we love travelling with our bikes too! We do have a couple of close friends who travel all over just to ride, and we’ll definitely bring you up close and personal to share their experiences overseas. At the end of the day, this is SingaporeMTB.com. We hope you find our website useful! And dude, just ride lah!