A brand new contemporary design of Specialized Concept Store is ready amidst the collection of bicycle stores in the Vertex building of Ubi. This newly renovated store is the flagship store for Specialized in Singapore and a commitment to a key market in Southeast Asia for the brand.

From an updated global design direction, the new store has been conceptualized to give the best and most inspiring experience to riders. Whether you ride road or mountain bikes, or need something for your body of bike, you will certainly find leading-edge and innovative products in the store.

Specialized's new concept store

A Strong Partnership that Continues to Grow

Specialized is pleased to present a new generation of bike store helmed by a new generation of staff and owners. Tay Junction has been in the Singapore bike retail scene for more than 30 years. Specialized is honored to work closely with Tay Junction to bring a global standard of retail to the Singapore market.

With the efforts of Miss Jace Ke, the Store Manager of the new Specialized Concept Store in Vertex, the brand has reached new heights through a focus on customer service and improving the retail experience.

“Over the past few years, we have been serving many satisfied customers in Vertex. With the new store and layout, we are excited to bring a new experience and a renewed focus on value-added services for the customer.” Says Miss Ke.

A Dedicated Space to Support Women’s Cycling

As one of the pioneers in the industry in connecting with women and providing for their specific needs, Specialized has always been at the forefront of support for women in cycling. With professional cycling sponsorships in teams like Boels-Dolmans and the current world champion Lizzie Armitstead, Specialized is at the forefront of support for professional World Tour athletes.

However, the needs of the everyday rider are different from professionals. They have different concerns and want a unique experience they can call their own.

This is why in the new Concept Store, Specialized has created a space dedicated to products for women. This space is also home to a lounge which will be used to hold events like workshops and classes with women as a key focus. Riders can look forward to joining these events in the near future to learn and interact with others.

Improving the Ride through Body Geometry Fit

The interest from customers in bike fitting services are only just beginning here in Southeast Asia. The people who regularly go for bike fits are usually focused on performance road, however the same needs for a proper bike fit apply no matter the bike you ride.

This is why in the newly renovated store; we have brought the Body Geometry Fit room down to the 1st floor to really focus on fitting services. Mr Alan Liang is the Body Geometry Fit Technician for the store and has been through a rigorous program by Specialized to prepare fitters with the skills they need.

Specialized's new concept store

“The Body Geometry concept is not just about physical products or the Retül Technology that we use in the advanced fit process. It is about a keen understanding of biomechanics, experience and practice in order to use the tools and that entire ecosystem you have to give a rider a great experience on the bike.” Says Mr Vijay Varada, Body Geometry Fit Instructor for Southeast Asia.

Specialized also offers the best integration between the fit process and an ecosystem of products. With our complete range of products which focus on the contact points of the rider like gloves, saddles and shoes, Specialized is well equipped for your fit related needs.

Specialized's new concept store

Celebrating S-Works and Performance Products

The Specialized Concept Store will showcase some of the rarest Limited Edition products that bear the S-Works name. Right in the center of the store sits our brand new S-Works wall which is filled with shiny new framesets. Here, the most discerning riders can also customize and build their bikes to their own unique tastes.

With this showcase designed “For Riders, By Riders”, the new Specialized Concept Store will continue to be a place where riders will be inspired to ride and ride more.

Photos by: Specialized Singapore


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