New Pumps from PRO!

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Pro Minipump Performance HV

“All pumps are not created equal.” That is the most annoying thought that came to my mind when it comes to tyre inflation. I mean, for sure, they all do the same job and they are indispensible tools for any mountain biker or home mechanic. How different can pumps be anyway? They all have a same ‘components’...

Steel or Ceramic bearings?

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I was shopping around for parts online recently to build myself a new pair of wheels, and a nagging expensive thought came to my mind.  “I’ve never tried ceramic bearings before… Hmmmmmm…” But really though, what can I gain from ceramic bearings? So I did some research on my own and this is what...

Top 10 ways to hydrate while riding

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1. Water. That’s the key ingredient that keeps us all alive. Without it, we’d all shrivel up and die and that’s a fact. Cycling in sunny Singapore has it’s challenges which includes weather, humidity and constant hot temps and keeping ourselves hydrated at all times is key to enjoying our bikes while we’re...

Santa Cruz Syndicate World Cup roster for 2017

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Check out this hilarious video featuring fresh new faces for the World Cup team from the Syndicate! We’re totally bummed that Ratboy isn’t racing anymore but we’re excited to watch the new breed of DH riders make their own mark!

Awesome video from Chris Akrigg – As It Lies

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The most underrated rider of all time. We love watching #chrisakrigg, totally inspiring. It’s not always about speed, Its about finding your own flow and always be having fun.

Rockshox Lyrik RCT3 Solo Air 170mm Review

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Rockshox Lyrik Solo Air 170mm

Rockshox released the Lyrik in 2016 as an major update to their huge line of performance forks and for those who’ve ridden long enough, you’ll remember the earlier Lyriks which was essentially bombproof in their own right. Prior to the launch of Lyrik, the Rockshox Pike was the defacto standard in where all enduro forks are...

Pivot Mach 429 & XT Di2 Review

by Willy Mun - on Oct 7th 2016 - No Comments

This review on my new race rig has been long overdue. However, it was not only until last week that the final part of the puzzle, Shimano’s latest Deore XT Di2 groupset was delivered to the magic hands of my dedicated mechanic, Irvin Tan of Trail+. So now, courtesy of the good guys at Shimano Singapore and Trail+, I present to you my...

First look at the new 2017 Specialized Enduro

by - on Aug 30th 2016 - 1 Comment

2017 Specialized Enduro The latest crops of mountain biking goodies for 2017 are slowly trailing in from the interwebs, and it’s gonna be a crazy visual experience with all the new stuff that’s being released into the wild from our favourite companies. We got news of the new 2017 Specialized Enduro from Specialized Asia Pacific,...